Dear Friends:
St. Anthony Parish is excited to announce the anticipated release of our own parish app. Expected to launch the weekend of January 23 and 24, 2016, this new app will be available for parishioners to download on both Apple iPhones and Android phones.

We expect the features and capabilities of our new app to foster a stronger sense of community and faith in the daily lives of all parishioners. St. Anthony Parish will be able to communicate quick and easy with all parishioners via messages and notifications to keep you in the loop with what is going on in our church. You will then be able to quickly reply to messages or RSVP for upcoming events.

Other features will include:

  • the daily readings read at Mass
  • the latest Catholic news from around the world
  • an easy-to-reference list of Catholic prayers with prayer requests
  • a helpful examination of conscience and next confession reminder
  • a reminder feature called “Mass Mode,” for Mass and confession. This includes phone silencing notification to help encourage us all to be more present while at St. Anthony Parish.
  • and much more

As you can see, this app offers a lot of capabilities for improving parish communication and serving as a faith building resource. It is well thought out and should become a real asset to complement our daily faith lives.

We expect our app to be available for everyone to download at Masses on the weekend of January 23-24, 2016. As a part of the kick-off of our new app we will provide additional information and handouts.


Please pass this info along to anyone that may be interested or that it may benefit from the St. Anthony Parish App. The more people that use and participate, the stronger our Catholic community will become.

Peace in Christ,
Fr. Dave Heinz & the Parish Staff