Pastoral Council

Guarantor’s of the Parish VISION!

The Council is a vehicle for fulfilling the pastoral mission of the parish. It does this by fostering growth within the parish family and the sharing of spiritual gifts and talents; by encouraging positive relationships among all members of the parish, and by collaborating with other parishes, especially those in their cluster and region, as well the wider community.

The Council proposes parish policy, fosters good communication, and provides leadership by overseeing parish planning including clarifying the parish mission and vision, establishing goals and witnessing the gospel message in the larger community and the world with a strong basis in stewardship.

The Council shall cooperate with other parishes and with diocesan offices and agencies, to carry out its work. The Council shall contribute to the implementation of diocesan goals and policies and the Bishop’s decrees and directives.

Pastoral Council Members: Troy Gall (President), Ryan Linsley (Vice President), Suzanne Unser (Secretary), Karen Campbell, John Darling, Steve Harms, Les Hedgespeth, Dick Ingram, Steve Popovich, Janet Snyder, Kathy Stomberg, Jared Woiwode



Finance Council

A properly functioning parish finance council is integral to good parish financial governance, is required by Canon law and a key element of a parish internal control system.
The finance council consists of the two lay trustees of each parish corporation as ex-officio members and several other parishioners. The Pastor serves as Chair.
The Finance Council is an advisory group to the pastor regarding all financial matters and whose principal function is to promote adequate parish revenue. The council meets quarterly to review the financial status of the parish, reviews the annual financial report of the parish to the Chancery and reports on this to the parish. Also, the council prepares an annual budget covering all projected expenditures including a separate capital improvement budget.

Finance Council: Sharon Bayer (Chairperson), Dan Hordesky, Lynne Kelch, Sandra Post, Jared Woiwode



Funeral Luncheon Committee

From the beginning of the parish, an important service to parishioner families has been a luncheon after a funeral. As part of the parish ministry to grieving family and friends, a funeral luncheon for parishioners can be arranged and is served by the funeral luncheon committee. Volunteers to this committee request donations of food from parishioners, prepare and serve the meal in the parish hall



Landscaping Committee

The Landscaping Committee sees to the visual appeal of the 10 acre campus of St. Anthony Church. They, and many volunteers, keep the landscape plan current, provide appropriate plantings for the planters, mow the 71/2 acres of grass, trim the many varieties of shrubs and trees and twice a year sponsor Landscape Cleanup Days.



Building and Grounds Committee

The Buildings and Grounds Committee draws on parishioners, especially those in the building trades, to regularly inspect the structures and systems of the physical plant of the parish, recommends preventative maintenance options and oversee the repairs and upkeep of the parish facilities as the need occurs.



Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee focuses on the prayer and worship life of the parish. It oversees the practice and activities related to celebrating the mysteries of our faith. The environment and decoration of the Church worship space is planned and provided by the committee based on the liturgical season and theological settings for the celebration of the Mass and other worship events. New members are welcome to join the Liturgy Committee. Contact Fr. Dave at (309) 697-0645.



Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee provides periodic information to the parish that may aid in overall wellbeing. Several times per year they provide Blood Pressure screening after weekend Masses.



Family Fellowship Committee

The Family Fellowship Committee provides periodic opportunities for the parish to share times to socialize and get to know new parish members. The committee activities vary from year to year and have included the annual parish picnic, Easter egg hunt, coffee and doughnuts after Sunday Masses, Trunk-r-Treat.